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           Snake Bite - A Tribute to Whitesnake

                        Has Kicked Ass right out of the Gates !!
             Bringing Audiences an Inspiring Live Performance
                             of Many Classic Whitesnake Hits
                             From the 1987 Self Titled Album
           To the previous Ground Breaking Slide It In Album
     Every Song Selection is Performed with Intentious Precision  
                 With Incredible High Flying Guitars and Vocals,
                    Balanced by their Powerful Rhythm Section,
                  Snake Bite pushes each Whitesnake 80's Song
       Right into the Forefront of Every Audience they Perform to

                       This Amazing Whitesnake Rock Tribute
                        Can Double as a 100 Minute Headliner
                      or Easily Entertain as a Live Stage Opener
             With a Fantastic Stage Show Each and Every Night !!

           The Fangs are Razor Sharp on this Whitesnake Tribute

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